In 2020, we have outsourced our customs service to a specialized external customs agent, which, for the first time, enables us to provide an expert, neutral customs service directly to our customers.

This outsourcing process has several positives consequences for our customers – most significant of all: Access to specialized professionals, who are dedicated to keep you up to date and on track while assisting you with expertise when it comes to every customs-need you might have!

Our partner works on the basis of an AEO F certificate (customs simplification and security) and offers the following customs services through IBC:

  • Customs declarations (import / export / shipping) via
  • Handling of economic customs procedures
  • Automated return of export certificates

In order to take full advantage of the customs and foreign trade law, our partner also offers personal consultations / trainings including the following points:

  •     Customs law
  •     Customs authorization
  •     AEO application
  •     Origin and preferences
  •     Export control
  •     Classification of goods / article master tariff classification
  •     Customs valuation
  •     Export customs clearance
  •     Import customs clearance
  •     Tariff classification

Markus Pollak

Customer Service
Airfreight / Customs