IBC - Global Logistic Friends


IBC is an owner-managed, independent freight forwarding company founded in 1994 by Rudolf Kropfreiter.
While during the company’s early days, the main focus was put on air- and sea-freight deliveries, today IBC is able to present itself as a well-rounded full-service provider with comprehensive expertise in the area of warehouse logistics.

Our Philosophy

Ever since the company was founded, almost three decades ago, we have been able to maintain independence and steadily grow at the same time by sticking to our clearly defined strategy.

Intensifying our cooperative work with various renowned partner organizations in Europe as well as overseas and continuously committing to strategic structural improvements are big reasons for our continued success.

IBC has thus become an established household name as a full-service provider in the Upper Austrian central region and have therefore been able to develop an excellent reputation in the transport and logistics industry.

We’ll be by your side as a reliable partner for all your logistical problems and needs! Rest assured: We will offer the ideal solution for your individual needs!

IBC – “Global Logistic Friends”

The trademark was confirmed by the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market in the form of a Certificate of registration (No. 013427761)

This intends to demonstrate the global scope of activities that we are able to offer through our membership in renowned partner organizations.

IBC GLOBAL LOGISTIC FRIENDS stands for sustainability on a level playing field in regards to cooperation with our customers.

Our Strengths

IBC Linz has been taking care of international transports to all parts of the world for almost thirty years now. Not only are we able to look back on decades of experience, but also extremely valuable networks and partnerships all around the globe, which have formed over all those years.
In all this time only one thing never changed: IBC Linz has always been a family business and is still managed as such. This means: Quick decision-making processes, individual support for customers through a single contact person – from offer to billing.

We are highly committed to facilitating the young generation as well, which is exactly why our team consists of a strong mix of experienced professionals and young, dynamic employees in equal parts.

One common denominator: Perfect know-how and a keen eye for the demands of our customers. We operate in cooperation with partners all around the world, who – just like us – can react flexibly to every situation. You can rely on our independence, as well as our expertise and you can put your trust in our team.

We look forward to hearing from you!

CO2 savings

We are saving 125,73 tons of harmful CO2 annually by heating our 5000m2 warehouse with three air heat exchangers.
Another heat pump supplies the 600m2 offices with warm air.

We draw electricity from our in-house 200 KW-PV system. This is how sustainability gets done!


Rudolf Kropfreiter