Parcel service

With our high-quality parcel partners for national and international parcel services, every startup, every sole proprietor, every SME and every corporation has the opportunity to send their parcels bundled via IBC at excellent conditions without losing control over the process.

We work exclusively with parcel service providers that have a delivery performance of at least 96 percent and are thus able to meet our customer’s high expectations. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the offers are prepared in such a way that issues such as possible direct pick-ups or own deliveries to parcel stations / drop-off points are also taken into account. For larger volumes, there is the possibility, especially with national parcel providers, that we can have our own label printers set up at your premises – for even more convenience with your shipments!

Robin Benesch

Customer Service
Air freight / parcel service

Markus Pollak

Customer Service
Air freight / Customs